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Art Therapy uses art materials, image cards, collage or clay, to enable you to find both your strengths and challenges. There is no analysis, artworks produced are used to externalise your inner world providing you with an opportunity to explore them in a tangible way. The focus is not on analysing or interpreting the art, but rather amplifying and enquiring into what’s on the paper, so you can gain insight and if needed, healing. There is no judgement or doing Art Therapy “right".

In Art Therapy, the insights come by allowing the most hidden part of yourself, that is part of your psyche, to come forward. In this safe environment you can move the Inner Critic to one side, and let yourself play without censorship. Drawing, painting, collage and image cards can allow symbols and the symbolic to appear. The symbolic is the language and gateway to your psyche. Carl Jung wrote in The  Man and His Symbols: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." We all have this ability to access this part of ourselves, but most of us have never been shown how.

Art Therapy is a very gentle way to start this journey of self-realisation and help the integration of all parts of yourself.​


Get the Most out of Life

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From the transpersonal view, whatever is happening to us now is viewed as a positive opportunity for growth. Through each session, I facilitate and guide you on a gentle journey into your inner 'wise self'.  You are in control of the session. It is client-centred. I meet you in your world. We don't impose any beliefs or psychological or social frameworks on you.

I will encourage you to move from your logical left brain thinking to unlock the creative right side of your brain and allow yourself to go into your imagination.  You can often gain insights into your thinking and patterns of behaviour by seeing your story from a different angle. You may then start to understand something different about yourself and the events that are impacting on your life.

Counselling doesn't use art materials for the most part, it is more talk- based, using meditations and guided visualisations to access and have a dialogue with parts of yourself that are usually hidden. You are in control the whole time. Sometimes we may use paper and pencil to explore certain beliefs or emotional states.


Meet your wise self



Guided Drawing is a bilateral drawing approach that supports body mapping in a trauma-informed way. This can assist you in accessing parts of your brain, that cognitive, talk based therapy can’t easily access. As the name suggests, the approach encourages listening to inner guidance, to what the body needs to restore self-esteem, balance and health.

In this modality, you experience a form of self massage by drawing with closed eyes and both hands on large sheets of paper.

What clients experience in its immediacy is that they can do something to help themselves and that their actions have a tangible impact on their felt sense, which can be deeply empowering.

Guided Drawing does not use imagery, but the direct expression of one's felt sense. In rhythmic repetition, individuals can release tension and pain, assert their boundaries or soothe and nurture their soul.


Support body mapping in a trauma-informed way

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